Boost your Executive Team's ability to individually, and collaboratively, lead change and successfully deliver your strategy.


This program is for you if:
  • the speed of change in your organisation has overtaken the change leadership capability of your Executive Team

  • you need a new approach to change leadership that goes beyond project sponsorship, steering committees and milestones

  • you've tried traditional ways to close the change leadership gap without success. Now you need a practical, reality-based solution that's grounded in experience, not theory

What other leaders have said:

"Kate Christiansen is a master practitioner of change..."

"This fills the gap between current theories and practice"

"Presented with such clarity and very simple take-home points"

"Very engaging, relevant and hopeful! For those in organisations that are struggling there is hope"

What makes this program unique?
  • A focus on Collaborative Change Leadership - An innovative framework that recognises change leadership is not a solo sport and that executive development therefore needs to focus on individual and team-based, leadership capability.

  • It's 100% Practical - Gain the benefit of two decades of change leadership experience, working directly with your team to address current change challenges in your organisation

  • Flexible Delivery - The program combines online learning, self-assessments and facilitated sessions that support rich learning, while working with your Executive Team schedule

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