• Does your organisation need to achieve superior performance in an environment of growing or rapid change?

  • Does it sometimes feel like change on the outside is moving at a faster pace than your organisation can adapt to it?

  • Does being big and adaptive feel like an "impossible dream"?

  • Do you need your leaders to think differently and create an adaptive advantage in your chosen markets?

  • What to expect:

    "There are few things I enjoy more than working with a group of leaders and having people finish a session feeling energised, inspired and empowered. I love the buzz you get in a room when everyone is engaged and excited by an idea"

    A keynote address or workshop at your next leadership conference can offer a great catalyst for change. My job is to spark new thinking and open up new possibilities. I have a high-energy, interactive-style and use a range of media to ensure participants feel engaged up to the very end. I present on the following topics.

    1. The Thrive Cycle™: The key that unlocks The Adaptive Organisation Details...

    This presentation defines 'The Adaptive Organisation' and identifies what makes it different to all the others. Delegates will learn about The Thrive-Cycle...which breaks-down the silos and enables 'being adaptive' to be measured and become a priority in mainstream conversations. I then introduce The Six Elements of Adaptive Success™, which provide the foundation upon which every adaptive organisation needs to be built. This customer-centric framework ensures that customer-value is always in the driver's seat when it comes to organisational change.

    2. Surfers, Swimmers, Splashers, Sinkers. - Which type of organisation do you work for? Details...

    This presentation starts by taking the audience through a short diagnostic process that enables them to create an adaptive-profile for their own organisation. They will then be introduced to four types of organisation (Surfers, Swimmers, Splashers and Sinkers)...and learn about the different approaches that each has when it comes to being adaptive. Throughout, participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own organisation using the Adaptive Profile that they created at the start of the presentation.

    The audience will leave the session with a deeper understanding of their organisation than they had before. They will also walk away with a very simple tool, that they can use to engage others and talk about what it means to be an adaptive organisation.

    3. Why can't my organisation give my customers what they want? Details...

    As customer-experience and the importance of listening to customers gains increased momentum, the challenge remains, how can your organisation respond to the insights that it creates? How can it ensure that it maximises the value for its customers, when their preferences keep changing? And importantly, how can your organisation avoid falling into the traps of short-term, profit-driven decision-making at the expense of customer value? These are just some of the questions that will be answered during this insightful and engaging presentation.

    4. Turning insights into advantage Details...

    Each year many organisations spend millions of dollars attempting to get close to their customers. Such investment can deliver deep-insights and the potential for the organisation to create a sustainable advantage over its rivals. However, such an advantage is only possible if those insights can be actually translated into a better customer experience. The secret to doing this lies in the organisation's ability to master seven capabilities.

    In this presentation, I explore these seven capabilities and reveals the organisational success factors that sit behind them.

    5. Entering emerging markets - How The Adaptive Organisation does it differently Details...

    The growing middle-class and the rise of emerging economies, means that many organisations are looking to grow beyond their traditional markets. This session explores the different approaches and some of the common traps that organisations can fall into. It then introduces the way in which The Adaptive Organisation approaches this kind of opportunity, The session finishing with a 7 point check-list to ensure that market entry remains focused on customers and creating value.

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