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The journey to become a more adaptive organisation starts with an empowered and committed Leadership Team. However, achieving this is sometimes easier said than done. Without the right framework and language, being adaptive can feel so intangible, almost 'fluffy'. As a consequence, many attempts to have the required conversations either go 'round in circles or fizzle-out without reaching a positive conclusion.

The Thrive Cycle™ Executive Sessions overcome these issues and facilitate the informed, structured and engaged conversations necessary to build alignment and ignite a platform for change. They do this by introducing a simple framework and language that enables leaders to get on the same page and move forward.

All participants in Thrive Cycle Executive Sessions receive a copy of the book The Thrive Cycle: Unlock The Adaptive Organisation Within.

Conversation Starter (Half-Day)

This session can be included as an agenda item on your regular Executive Team meeting and works best with approximately 6-12 participants. In the session we'll do a high-level assessment of your organisation then use this to explore how current adaptiveness may be impacting performance. Your Executive Team will learn about The Thrive Cycle and develop a shared language through which to explore what 'being adaptive' means within your organisations specific context. Participants will also be introduced to four different kinds of organisations (Surfers, Swimmers, Splashers and Sinkers) and determine your organisation's likely success in a world of increasing change.

This half-day Conversation Starter is ideal if you are looking for a structured way to raise the priority of organisational adaptiveness and start building a platform for change. Participants will receive a one-page brief prior to the session but no further preparation is required.

Conversation Starter (Full-Day)

As with the half-day Conversation Starter, this session will also introduce The Thrive Cycle and develop a shared language through which explore what 'being adaptive' means within your organisations specific context. Prior to attending this Conversation Starter, participants will complete an online Adaptive Audit. The results will serve as the core content for the day and ensure remains relevant to your organisations circumstances. In addition to the four Adaptive Archetypes, this session will share The Six Elements of Adaptive Success and explore what is really driving organisational adaptiveness. The day ends with agreeing next steps.

This session is best suited to a Leadership Conference or a dedicated Leadership Development day. It works best with larger groups and assumes the involvement of a broader cross-section of the leadership community. The full-day Conversation Starter is a perfect option when your Executive Team has made a commitment to building an adaptive organisation and wants to engage other leader in developing the approach and driving the change. Senior executives will play an active leadership role during the session.

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