Who I am

I am the creator of The Thrive Cycle™, a framework that enables organisations to define, develop and measure adaptive capability in a relevant way. I empower senior executives and their teams by enabling them to identify The Thrive Cycle within their organisation then evolve it, to create a sustainable, adaptive advantage.

I am a co-founder of The Adaptive Advantage, a business author, keynote speaker and consultant who works with leaders within medium to large, complex organisations.

Why I'm here

I've spent over 20 years navigating the highs and lows of strategic change and have worked extensively across Europe, Asia and Australia. I've held leadership roles in numerous industries including telecommunications, outsourcing, healthcare, financial services and the tertiary education sector.

I've led many change-initiatives and have covered the spectrum from strategy development to business analysis. I've led global change programs across multiple countries; integrated multi-billion dollar mergers; led transformations; and developed entry strategies for emerging markets.

In early 2014 I decided to take my career in a new direction and pursue an ambitious purpose.

'To create a world where change is something that is embraced and not feared; where the ability to adapt is the norm and not the exception; and where change is something that energises people, rather than exhausting them'

Now everything I do works towards that purpose, whether I'm working with an executive team, engaging a business audience or writing a book.

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